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Service Plans

Joi Internet DSL


Rates in AT&T Service Area

Up-to 1.5MB Download / 384Kbs Upload $25.95/mo
Up-to3MB Download / 512Kbps Upload $29.95/mo
Up-to 6MB Download / 768Kbps Upload $39.95/mo


Rates in Verizon Service Area

1MB Download / 384Kbs Upload $25.95/mo
3MB Download / 768Kbps Upload $34.95/mo
5MB Download / 768Kbps Upload $49.95/mo
7.1MB Download / 768Kbps Upload $59.95/mo

- No phone line needed (In Verizon service area)
- No Contract, No Commitment
- Always on connection
- Free Equipment
- Free Live Telephone and online support 365 days a year
- Call Centers in USA

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JoiDSL + JoiPhone Bundle (Best Value)

Get Joi Internet 1MB DSL service bundled with JoiPhone Unlimited Phone line. Joi Internet DSL Service includes:

-Unlimited usage!
-Always on connection!
-Surf and download faster!
-No phone line needed! (In Verizon service area)

Get high quality digital phone JoiPhone Unlimited:

-Keep the same phone number you have today!
-Unlimited local and long distance calling in USA + 9 countries!
-Call Waiting
-3way Calling, Voice Mail
-40+ Features Free!
All For Only $34.95 per Month!

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JoiPhone Digital Phone Service

Unlimited Local and Long distance in USA + 9 Countries (Argentina-Buenos Aires, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom)

-Unlimited local and long distance calls
-Voicemail plus Voicemail to email
-Call Forwarding
-Over 40 other Features
-Keep your phone number
-Low International rates

All For Only $10.00 per Month!
12 Months price guarantee
Sign-up yearly, get $30 Instant Rebate

Offer End 10/31/2014

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