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Refer a Friend

Please help us spread the word of Joi Internet.  Tell your friends or family member's about our great service and help them save money on each call when they use Joi Internet. More customers will make us stronger and help us serve more people in more places around the country and around the world. We appreciate your loyalty and recommendation. You and your referral will receive a $15 Credit to your Joi Internet account. The $15 credit per referral will be
applied to you and your friend or family member's Joi Internet account.

Here's how it works:
1. You are a valid customer
2. You refer Joi Internet to a friend or family member
3. You ask your friend or family member to type in your e-mail address (same e-mail address as on your account with Joi Internet) in the appropriate place on the signup page.
4. We will retrieve your e-mail address from your friend or family member's signup page and keep it in our record.
5. If your friend or family member has a valid account with Joi Internet for at least 61 days from his/her signup date we will apply a $15 credit to your friend or family member's Joi Internet account.
6. You may refer Joi Internet to as many friends or family member's you may wish and receive multiple rewards accordingly.
7. If your e-mail address doesn't appear on your friend or family member's sign up page and or the e-mail address your  friend or family member indicate doesn't match your e-mail address on your Joi Internet account we will be unable to apply you the reward.
8. This money is a credit and can be used only on Joi Internet Products and Services. If you cancel your account this credit is no longer valid.

Please Enter Your Friends or Family member's Name and Email Address


Your Joi Internet Customer Email Address:
Add a personal note:
Dear (friendsname),
I'd like to recommend my new Internet and Phone company, called Joi (JOY) Internet
It is affordable and works well!
(For $34.95 you get High Speed Internet DSL + Phone line with Unlimited local and long distance )
If you are interested please sign up with them and mention you were referred by (youremailaddress)
when answering the question "How did you find out about Joi Internet?".
They will give you $15 credit on your new Joi Internet account.
To contact them or 'signup on line' please go to
or give them a call on 877-I-GOT-JOI or 877-446-8564
Friend's Name:
Friend's Email: