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General Questions?
JoiDSL cheapest DSL
JoiDSL cheapest DSL
How do I upgrade my speed?
JoiDSL cheapest DSL
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JoiDSL cheapest DSL
JoiDSL cheapest DSL
How do I add Phone line?
JoiDSL cheapest DSL
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JoiDSL cheapest DSL
Do I need Phone line for DSL?
JoiDSL cheapest DSL
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General Questions:

What is the process for getting JoiDSL Service?
Once the customer signs up for DSL service, JoiDSL will verify the DSL order. If the customer currently have DSL service with another company, JoiDSL can switch the DSL service to its network with-in 48 hours in most cases. If customer currently have land line phone line JoiDSL DSL can be installed on the same line.

Do I need to keep a phone line with the telephone company to have JoiDSL DSL?
JoiDSL does not require for you to maintain a land line, in Verizon service area. In AT&T service area we do, but you can get a line with no local or long distance from AT&T and use your JoiPhone line which comes with Unlimited local and long distance calls throughout the US and 9 other countries

What if I do not have phone line or DSL?
If the new customer does not have DSL or land line in Verizon service area, a new data line will need to be installed (at no additional fee). JoiDSL does not do inside wiring, the data line will be installed to the phone box located outside the house or the apartment. Once the data line is installed JoiDSL will ship free DSL modem to the customer. The DSL modem is designed to be self installed by the customer.

How do I go online?
Once you signed up, and installed JoiDSL service you will be able to surf the web using any Internet browser.

What speed of service does JoiDSL provides?
JoiDSL DSL service currently provides Internet download speed of up-to 7.1Mbps

How do I get support?
Our support call centers are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Toll Free: 877-I-GOT-JOI or 877-446-8564 e-mail: Support@JoiDSL.com

What is the benefit for upgrading my service to yearly contract from month-to-month?
JoiDSL offers its services without commitment or contract required. If you wish to commit to one year of service, then you will guarantee you price will not change for one year. You will also save $30 on activating new service.