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Help and Support

Billing Questions:

How do I get my invoices?
All invoices are sent to the contact email we have on file. Please insure to keep your contact email updated with us.

How do I check my bill online?
To check your bill online you may log-in to your account on the top of the website. Click on xDR to check both DSL and if applicable phone charges.

How do I upgrade my service to faster speed?
To upgrade service simpley send email to Upgrade@JoiInternet.com

How do I add a phone line to my Joi Internet service?
To add phone service simpley send email to Upgrade@JoiInternet.com

What is the benefit for upgrading my service to yearly contract from month-to-month?
Joi Internet offers its services without commitment or contract required. If you wish to commit to one year of service, then you will gurantee you price will nto change for one year. You will also save $30 on activating new service.